How To Clean Your Spray Gun After Each Day Of Painting

Painting exterior surfaces is much more time consuming than painting the inside of your home. Many people have experience painting interior drywall surfaces and they think that painting the outside of the home will be equally easy. On most rough exterior surfaces you need to use an alternative technique to efficiently cover your walls. Using paint brushes and rollers will probably be much more time consuming than if you use a pneumatic spray gun. Since most people don't own a spray gun, they don't see it as an option. However, you can find affordable rates for easy-to-use spray gun rentals.Here s the best way to operate and clean your pneumatic spray gun.

Clearing the Hose Lines

If your gun is working properly, your paint job will be much quicker and more straightforward. However, if you fail to properly clean your gun at the end of each day of painting, your gun might not work correctly the next day. The nozzle could get clogged and produce an uneven and sporadic stream. Many spray gun rentals won't come with instructions on how to properly clean them. The trick is to first clean out the hose lines. To do this, you need to pull the intake pump out of the bucket of paint. Then, place it in an equally-sized bucket of water. You will need a large piece of cardboard or wood that you can then spray with water. Spray the board until only water is coming out of the gun. This will signify that your lines are clean and free of paint that won't dry up overnight. Also, you can leave the pump submerged in the water overnight. In the morning, you basically reverse the step and spray until only paint is coming out of the gun.

Cleaning the Spray Tip

Many people also neglect to remove the nozzle from the gun tip. This spray tip is most directly responsible for a steady stream. It should pull out without any tools. It is a good idea to dilute a tiny bit of paint thinner and a cup of water to clean off the tip. Thoroughly dry it so it does not rust. It is very important you don't forget to put the tip back in place before you start to paint the next morning.

These tips are simple enough, but many people neglect them when they rent the spray gun because they aren't included in the instructions. Your entire paint job will be so much easier and quicker if you properly maintain your gun. Since this job is likely to take several days, make sure you repeat the steps every night.

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