Don't Overlook These Signs That Exterior Painting Is Needed

If you are a homeowner who has a home that has exterior painting or stucco, it is important to recognize the signs of when painting or repairs are needed. Some property owners know what to look for, but they may make misjudgments when it comes to how important the repairs are. This can lead to additional damages to homes. The following are common signs that painting or repairs are needed.

Trim Issues

The areas around your doors and windows are considered to be trim areas. These areas get used frequently, and as a result, they may show signs of wear and tear. When they do, they should be repainted even if the rest of the exterior does not appear to need painting. Painters can repaint trim areas to prevent wood rot. If wood rot is already present, they can replace and repaint.


This is a type of issue that presents itself as a chalk residue. You might notice it if you accidentally make contact with the sides of your home. You can also know if you have a chalking issue by running one of your hands over the exterior of your home. If a chalk residue gets on your hand, then it is a sign that your paint is deteriorating and repainting needs to be planned. 

Caulk Issues

Caulk breaks down over time. You may notice that the caulking around windows or between brick and wood begins to separate if painting is needed. The caulk will have a brittle appearance. 

Cracked Stucco

Cracks in stucco are not always obvious. Sometimes they occur around windows. It is important to get stucco repaired in a timely manner because moisture intrusion can occur. Mold and mildew can grow underneath, and this can result in homes needing to have the existing stucco extracted and replaced. Damaged stucco may also crumble and fall off.

Wood Rot

This is the sign that most people look for. Unfortunately, wood rot can be a sign that there are serious repair issues that need to take place to preserve structural integrity. Painting over rotten wood is not ideal. The damaged wood needs to be replaced. Otherwise, the rotting can proliferate.

Peeling Paint

If paint peels or cracks, it will expose the wood of your home to moisture. This can eventually lead to rotting wood. Paint acts a sealant and prevents moisture intrusion. 

An exterior painting professional is a good resource to use to learn more signs that painting is needed. They can also inspect your home and determine whether there are portions that need to be painted as well as estimate how long you can wait to schedule your exterior painting project.