Office Renovation Tips: Should You Repaint Your Office Without Professional Help?

If you plan to repaint your office without a professional painting company's help, you may want to reconsider. Although you can repaint the office yourself, it's probably better to have a commercial painting service do it for you. There are some very important things you must do before you apply a new coat of paint to your office's walls, including priming. If you don't prime the walls properly, your paint job can end up in disaster. [Read More]

Insight On Successfully Painting Your Home's Interior

When your home's interior is in need of a new coat of paint, you can hire a professional painter to handle the job or you can complete it yourself. If you choose to paint your home's interior yourself, here are some tips you can implement to make your interior home painting project a successful one. Wall Preparation Preparation is one of the most important parts of painting your home's interior. This step includes cleaning the wall's surfaces and trim and filling in any nail holes, dings, and dents with drywall compound. [Read More]

Don't Overlook These Signs That Exterior Painting Is Needed

If you are a homeowner who has a home that has exterior painting or stucco, it is important to recognize the signs of when painting or repairs are needed. Some property owners know what to look for, but they may make misjudgments when it comes to how important the repairs are. This can lead to additional damages to homes. The following are common signs that painting or repairs are needed. [Read More]

How To Clean Your Spray Gun After Each Day Of Painting

Painting exterior surfaces is much more time consuming than painting the inside of your home. Many people have experience painting interior drywall surfaces and they think that painting the outside of the home will be equally easy. On most rough exterior surfaces you need to use an alternative technique to efficiently cover your walls. Using paint brushes and rollers will probably be much more time consuming than if you use a pneumatic spray gun. [Read More]