Patch A Small Hole In Drywall And Apply Paint To The Repaired Part Of The Wall

If your teenager's frustration resulted in them punching one of their bedroom walls, a small hole in the drywall may be the horrible discovery that you made once your child calmed down. As punishment for their action, request the assistance of your child during the repatching and painting process. The work involved will deter your loved one from damaging a wall again and will make the repair process less time-consuming for you. [Read More]

Moving Into A New Home? 4 Reasons To Consider Interior Painting Right Away

When some people go house hunting, they may be determined to move into a turnkey home that looks great and does not require any work after moving in except upkeep over time. But, you may like the idea of working on a few projects to turn a home that you like into one that you love. By buying a house that needs work, you may even save money on the purchase price. [Read More]

3 Ways To Touch-Up Paint

One of the hardest parts about maintaining your exterior surface is doing any sort of touch-up painting or staining. Even if you keep the exact same paint that you used when you originally painted your walls, there is a very good chance that it is not even going to match your walls today. These problems are common on interior surfaces, but they are especially pronounced on exterior surfaces that are exposed to the sun and rain. [Read More]

Tips For Stopping Graffiti Before It Happens

One common problem that many business owners must face is the defacing of their property. The nature of commercial buildings leave them vulnerable to this crime -- large, open walls with few windows combined with being deserted overnight. Fortunately, there are ways to fight back. You may not be able to stop the graffiti for good, but you will be able to minimize it and clean up after it much more easily. [Read More]