Brighten Your Home With Fun Color Combinations For Interior Painting

Have you decided it is time to contact your local painting contractor to have your interior walls painted? Perhaps you are tired of looking at the same walls and you need a change from your old paint color. Exploring fun color combinations can help you bring new life to the walls of your home. Combining colors with like temperatures Colors are classified as either warm or cold. You can create harmonious and attractive color combinations by pairing together colors of the same temperature. [Read More]

Five Reasons To Repaint Your Business Interior

If you're on the fence about repainting your business interior, the following are a few reasons why fresh paint is an excellent idea. 1. Faded Colors Over time, paint colors fade. This is especially true in areas prone to sun exposure, or in high traffic areas where the walls are often touched or cleaned. You may also notice faded paint if you re-arrange a room. For example, moving the chairs around in your waiting room may reveal that the paint that wasn't blocked by furniture is much less faded than the paint higher up on the walls. [Read More]

Four Tips To Prevent Peeling Exterior Paint

Painting the exterior of your home or garage can really improve the appearance of your home, especially if you have old, peeling paint. It's important to make sure the new paint job doesn't suffer the same fate, though. The following tips can help you prevent peeling of the exterior paint on your home. 1. Prep and Clean Painting over the old damaged paint will just make the problem worse. Not only will the new finish look bad, it too will quickly begin to peel. [Read More]

Take Care Of Interior Painting While Keeping Your Children And Pets Safe

Making sure that you have a good experience painting the interior of your home has a lot to do with considering what kind of paint is used as well as what you can do to avoid the painting being a problem for your home if you have children or pets that can be sensitive. When you're not sure how to get started, the following tips can make a big difference in getting painting done without any restrictions. [Read More]