Choosing The Color For Your Building's Paint Job

Your commercial building might need a new paint job due to the current paint fading or peeling. Or, you may have recently purchased the building and want to change the colors to better reflect your business. No matter what the reason is for the paint job, choosing the right colors is an important decision. 

Consider the Mood You Want to Set 

There might be a specific mood you want to set, beginning with the exterior of your establishment. For example, if you own a classy restaurant, then you may want to set the stage for a romantic mood. If this is the case, then consider dark brown, crimson, purple, or dark green as the trim. 

You'll want to pick a lighter color for the rest of the building, but it should work well with the trim. If you decide you'd like crimson trim, then you could paint the rest of the building an extremely pale blush. Of course, you'll want to incorporate those same colors inside the restaurant. 

If you own a professional building, such as a legal office, an insurance agency, or a real estate office, then stick with neutral tones with appropriately colored darker trim. You can choose beige with brown trim, or pale blue with navy trim. 

Match the Color to Your Branding

Do your best to match the colors to the colors of your branding. This will help customers recognize your building when they're driving past or pulling up to it. You may not always be able to match the colors exactly, but you should make sure they complement your branding. 

Also, consider adding the colors of your brand to other areas of the exterior if it's too loud for the building. For example, if you have light posts along the walkway, a bench out front, and a wooden welcome post, then these can be the color of your branding. Of course, you'll want to make sure the colors look great against the colors you selected for the exterior. 

Consider the Size of the Building

You'll want to consider the size of the building when picking the exterior colors. When you have a small building, you can use colors that are a little louder. However, those colors would be overpowering on a large building. 

Think of a very small shop painted medium pink with dark pink trim. It may work with a small building and even help it stand out, so people don't drive past it. However, a larger medium pink and dark pink building would look strange and stand out for all the wrong reasons. 

Now that you've read more about choosing the colors for your commercial building, you're ready to start narrowing things down to the exact shades with the painter.

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