Brighten Your Home With Fun Color Combinations For Interior Painting

Have you decided it is time to contact your local painting contractor to have your interior walls painted? Perhaps you are tired of looking at the same walls and you need a change from your old paint color. Exploring fun color combinations can help you bring new life to the walls of your home.

Combining colors with like temperatures

Colors are classified as either warm or cold. You can create harmonious and attractive color combinations by pairing together colors of the same temperature. If you wish to create a soothing and inviting color palette for your interior walls, pair like colors together to achieve an appealing look.

For instance, pair brown with beige or yellow by painting one wall brown and the remaining walls beige or yellow to create a soft and inviting look. If you prefer the look of cooler colors, try painting an accent wall navy blue and the remaining walls a seafoam green for walls that are sure to grab attention.

Combining colors in the same color family

The secret to combing paint colors in the same family is all about the tone. Use a combination of light, medium, and dark shades to create a same-family color pattern that you cannot go wrong with. Simply pick a color you love to start with and add a remaining color or two to accent it with.

Pair royal blue with baby blue to up the wow factor in any room. If purple is your passion, pair it with lavender to add a fun and energetic pop of color to a room. Let orange and yellow play together for a delightful look in a child's room or playroom. 

Combining unusual color combinations

If you want to create some excitement in your interior, mix and match cool and warm shades of color. Unusual color combinations garner attention and can wake up a dreary interior and bring it to life. Never be afraid to explore unusual colors to create a one-of-a-kind look.

Pair coral and aqua together for a match made in heaven. Green and red are not just for holidays and can bring a welcome energy to a living room or family room. Yellow and gray together will give a room just the right amount of simplicity with a subtle pop of refreshing color.

Deciding on a paint color for your walls can feel like an overwhelming task when you consider all the options available today. However, taking the time to explore various color combinations will help you choose wall colors that will bring new life to the interior of your home.

To learn more, contact a painting contractor.