Five Reasons To Repaint Your Business Interior

If you're on the fence about repainting your business interior, the following are a few reasons why fresh paint is an excellent idea.

1. Faded Colors

Over time, paint colors fade. This is especially true in areas prone to sun exposure, or in high traffic areas where the walls are often touched or cleaned. You may also notice faded paint if you re-arrange a room. For example, moving the chairs around in your waiting room may reveal that the paint that wasn't blocked by furniture is much less faded than the paint higher up on the walls. A fresh coat is necessary to even out the color.

2. Paint Damage

Although maintenance and cleaning can prolong an interior paint job, damage will occur — especially in high traffic areas and customer-facing locations in your business. Paint scrapes, dings and scratches, and even minor wallboard damage are perfectly normal. Over time, this damage compounds to the point that even patching it won't look good. At this stage, it is much better to repair and begin again with a pristine surface.

3. Image Update

Over time your brand and image evolves and shifts. If you've updated your look, logo, or company colors, then you need to repaint to match your new image. Even if your colors and brand haven't evolved, the colors you chose for the office 10 years ago can be woefully outdated. Freshening the paint with a more modern color can breathe new life into your business image and make your building much more welcoming to clients and staff alike.

4. Stubborn Dirt

No matter how often and how carefully a building is cleaned, eventually, the old paint just begins to look dingy. Oils from skin, stubborn dirt, and even dust integrates with the paint to the point that it can no longer be scrubbed away. A coat of primer seals in the old grime so it can't resurface, then a few coats of fresh paint ensures your building looks lovely and pristine again.

5. Hygiene Concerns

Public health awareness is rising, and for good reason, so updating to a more hygienic paint is a great idea. There are anti-mold paints that prevent problems with mold, which is important in moist and humid climates since mold can cause respiratory issues in some people. There are also anti-bacterial paints, which can prevent a lot of illnesses and health concerns.

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