Three Ways Commercial Painters Add Color To Cinder Block Bricks

If your building is comprised of large cinder blocks and you find them unpleasant or unattractive, then you can hire commercial painters to make the cinder blocks look better. There is also a way to make cinder blocks more attractive before they are used to build your building. Here are the three ways in which commercial painters add color to cinder block bricks.

Exterior Paint

Exterior paint is made to stick to all kinds of surfaces, such as vinyl, aluminum, and even concrete. The exterior paint can be applied indoors to your cinder blocks as well, but there has to be adequate ventilation to eliminate fumes. You can choose from a variety of colors, but most of them are meant for metal and vinyl siding applications. Ergo, the colors will be more outdoorsy.

Painted Plaster

Splattering wet plaster over the top surface of the cinder blocks will allow the painters to add color to them via the layer of plaster. There are two approaches to the plaster method. One, you add paint to the wet plaster, thereby coloring it before you splatter it all over the cinder blocks. Two, you splatter wet, uncolored plaster all over the walls and then wait for it to dry. Once the plaster is dry, the painters paint the plaster with airbrush rollers. Because the plaster needs heat to dry, this way of adding color to your walls means that it has to be done in late spring to late summer, when the cinder blocks will radiate heat from outside. The rest of the year, the cinder blocks will be too cold, so the plaster will not stick properly or dry well.

Coloring the Concrete for the Cinder Blocks

Most commercial painters do not color the concrete for cinder blocks, but they do know concrete companies that do. Those same concrete companies can add all kinds of colors to the concrete before pouring it into cinder block molds. The painters can either order several cinder blocks of a particular color for you as you build a new building or add on to an old structure. There's even colored and glittery grout to fill in the spaces between your factory-colored cinder blocks, something to consider when you want to really make building walls stand out. If you can find and hire a mason who is also a commercial painting contractor, then you can get any of these coloring and painting options listed above.

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