How To Efficiently Paint Your Ceilings

Painting your interior is a great do-it-yourself project. It is one of the few things you can do around your house that requires very few tools and that you can get the whole family involved with. However, there are certain parts of painting that are technical and time consuming. For instance, painting the ceilings is usually one of the hardest parts of the job. It can be tiring and even painful, as you always have to have your neck cranked up. This article explains how to efficiently and safely paint your ceiling. If you use the right tools and techniques, the job can be quick and painless.

Keep Your Feet on the Floor

Some people mistakenly think that the best way to paint their ceiling is to get up on a ladder and get close up to it. However, the job is much easier and cleaner if you invest in a telescoping painter's pole. These poles are very easy to use, and you can attach any size and type of roller to the end. Since they are telescoping, you can adjust them for ceilings of different heights. The key to making painting your ceiling less painful is to keep your feet on the ground. That is, don't bother using a ladder when possible. You will be much more efficient if you can walk along your floor while rolling the paint onto the ceiling with a pole.

Protect Your Neck

Also, with a pole held an angle, you won't be painting directly over your head. This means paint won't be flying into your eyes and hair during the job. Furthermore, you won't need to keep your neck bent upward the entire time. Make sure you completely clean your floor and clear of all objects before you start to paint the ceiling. Since you will be looking up as you're moving across the floor, you can easily trip over anything left behind.

Also, it is usually smart to paint your ceiling before you paint the walls. There's bound to be a lot of overspray from the roller that will fall down and get on the side walls and floor. If your floor is completely covered, and you are going to paint your walls afterward, this overspray won't be a major issue.

If you use these techniques, painting your ceiling will be much quicker. You will probably still need to get up on the ladder just to paint around light fixtures and the corners of your wall. But, the less time spent on a ladder, the better.

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