Converting Your Garage Into A Furniture Workshop? 3 Tips For Painting

Purchasing older furniture and fixing it up to look like new or even building furniture from bought materials requires a great deal of space, especially if you intend on having a large inventory for selling. Whether this is a side hobby of yours or a full-time job, you may have decided that converting your garage into a full-fledged workshop is the ideal option for you. If this is the case, it's a smart idea for you to look into how you can spruce up the workshop space with a fresh coat of paint.

Keep it Neutral with Customers in Mind

Your options for paint colors are nearly endless, but it's vital that you look into what colors will be the most appealing to customers. Many people make the mistake of selecting a paint color that ends up drawing away customers.

If you want customers to visit your workshop to check out your furniture for sale and keep coming back in the future, you need to make sure that the workshop feels inviting and that you choose a paint color that will appeal to buyers. Some good examples of colors include blue-grey, soft beige, and even darker hues of brown or burgundy.

Stick with Semi-Gloss Paint for Easy Cleaning

One of the most important things to consider when you want your garage workshop to be easy to work in is the ease of cleaning that you need. Many people make the mistake of choosing a paint that doesn't clean up well, making it vital to choose semi-gloss paints that can be wiped clean if any mess gets on them. Avoiding matte walls can also make them appear much cleaner for longer without extensive cleaning being needed.

Try Textured Paint for a Workshop Feel

When choosing paint for your garage workshop, you also need to consider the texture of the paint itself. While the glossiness of the paint can determine the shine, you can still opt for other looks, including texture. Having the walls textured with small grits that are included in the paint, your workshop can appear much more rustic.

As you take your time looking through your options for painting your converted garage, you need to keep in mind what will be the most beneficial for your intentions with the space. By focusing on easy cleaning and skipping paint that is better suited for indoor use, you can achieve a look that you want, while making the garage even more functional for your furniture building goals. For more information or assistance, contact companies like APC Services of New England.