4 Things You Shouldn't Do As You Paint Your House

When constructing your home, you'll do everything to ensure you don't make a mistake. Unfortunately, you might tend to ignore the paint job once the project is complete. If you're a DIY enthusiast, you may also want to take on such a task by yourself, but it's best if you leave it to an experienced painter. You don't want to make mistakes that may affect the aesthetic appeal of your home. Here are a few mistakes you should avoid.

1. Shaking The Paint Vigorously Or Using The Wrong Roller 

Bubbles will usually form if you vigorously shake or stir your paint. Another thing that may cause this is when you don't use the right roller or apply the paint on bumpy or porous surfaces. When painting your house, you may notice bubbles forming on the wall. If this happens, ensure that you treat them quickly, so they don't create unattractive craters and lumps. 

2. Not Using The Correct Sheen

When you don't use a suitable polish for your painting job, the outcome won't be appealing. For instance, when the surface you plan to paint isn't perfectly smooth, don't select the paints with a high sheen. This is because whenever light hits such surfaces, it will accentuate the defects. So, before applying a glossy sheen, ensure your surface is smooth.

3. Using An Inferior-Quality Paint Brush

When painting your home, you may want to cut your expenditure by using inexpensive paint brushes that are of low quality. The problem with these brushes is that they make the overall work look substandard. 

In addition, the wrong brushes that have feeble bristles will not absorb paint correctly. And in some cases, the brush will streak on the walls. In line with this, painters advise that when using water-based paints, you consider using acrylic bristle brushes. On the other hand, using natural bristle brushes for solvent-based paint is an excellent choice.

4. Using The Masking Tape Incorrectly

Painters recommend the use of masking tape while undertaking your paint job. It's very useful in areas along the door frame and window sills since it helps create clean edges. While aligning the tape in such sections, ensure that it's straight and that you seal it properly. You should also remove it before your paint dries. This is the only way to avoid ending up with sloppy lines.

Applying a fresh coat of paint can help brighten your indoors and outdoors. But for this job to be completed successfully, it should be done by a professional painter. This way, you won't have to deal with the common painting mistakes highlighted in this guide.

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