Four Exterior Paint Issues On Commercial Buildings

Exterior paint simply can't last forever, but it's not uncommon for small problems with the paint to be ignored and repairs to be postponed. Unfortunately, this can be a major problem. Not only does fading and damaged paint affect perceptions and first impressions of your business, but it can also lead to more issues and the need for even more extensive repairs if the paint damage isn't fixed.

1. Chipped Paint

Chipped, peeling paint isn't just ugly; it can also lead to moisture issues in the walls and main structure of your building. Paint isn't just for looks; it also creates a seal over the exterior of your building that prevents water from seeping into the walls. If the paint chips off, then moisture can penetrate. Peeling paint may even indicate that moisture is already getting into the exterior walls. The chipped paint must be scraped off so that new primer and paint can be applied before water damages occur.

2. Bubbling

Bubbling paint is more alarming than chipped paint when it comes to water damage indicators. Paint only bubbles when moisture has gotten between the paint layer and the wall. The trapped moisture causes the paint to lose its adhesion, which then leads to the bubbling. Not only will you need to have the building repainted, but you should also have it assessed to make sure no water damage has occurred.

3. Chalking

At first glance, chalking seems more like an inconvenience or an aesthetic issue. Exterior walls will develop a whitish residue that will come off on your hand or clothing if you brush against it. Chalking occurs when the paint begins to degrade, typically due to age or from exposure to the elements or UV light. Not only is it unattractive, but it also means that the paint is no longer providing a waterproof barrier. A new coat of primer and paint will fix the issue.

4. Stains

Stains can come from a variety of sources. Mold, algae growth, bird droppings, and vandalism like graffiti are the main causes for more commercial buildings. Light stains on relatively new paint jobs can be cleaned off, and a single coat of paint can be used to cover the damage. Extensive staining may require a fresh coat of both primer and paint. If graffiti is the problem, consider using an anti-graffiti paint. These paints are formulated to prevent spray paint from adhering so that it can easily be cleaned off in the future.

Contact a commercial painting contractor sooner rather than later if your exterior paint is suffering any of these issues.