Patch A Small Hole In Drywall And Apply Paint To The Repaired Part Of The Wall

If your teenager's frustration resulted in them punching one of their bedroom walls, a small hole in the drywall may be the horrible discovery that you made once your child calmed down. As punishment for their action, request the assistance of your child during the repatching and painting process. The work involved will deter your loved one from damaging a wall again and will make the repair process less time-consuming for you.

Determine What Materials Are Needed

First, take a good look at the damage. Are there pieces of drywall that have cracked or are you solely dealing with a small hole? If there are loose pieces of drywall, pull them away from the wall by hand or use a drywall knife to remove them from the wall.

You are going to need to purchase several materials to repair the wall. Cleaning supplies, joint compound, a putty knife (wide blade), drywall sandpaper, drywall sander, paint, and a paintbrush are the basic items needed to repair and paint the damaged portion.

Bring your offspring along with you on the shopping trip so that they can help you locate the items needed and will be aware of how many materials are needed to repair the wall that they caused damage to.

Clean And Patch The Drywall

Tell your child to apply an all-purpose spray cleaner to a sponge and use the sponge to wipe the drywall that surrounds the damaged area. While the drywall is slightly damp, use a putty knife to apply a thin coat of joint compound across the damaged portion of the wall.

A knife that possesses a wider blade will allow more control, resulting in smoother results. It is vital to pay attention and work slowly while administering the compound since too much of the product can cause the wall to have an uneven, rough surface.

After the compound dries, use a drywall sander and drywall sandpaper to level out the compound. Look closely at the repaired area and compare it to the drywall surrounding it. If the patched section is noticeably indented in comparison to the rest of the wall, apply another thin level of the compound. 

Repaint The Wall

Tell your loved one that it is now time to repaint the wall. Instruct them to stir the paint before using a narrow paintbrush to apply it over the joint compound.

Compare the color of the paint with the other portions of the wall and tell your child to add a second coat of paint if the color of the paint needs to be deeper so that it matches the rest of the wall.

If you don't have the time for these steps, contact a residential drywall service.