Office Renovation Tips: Should You Repaint Your Office Without Professional Help?

If you plan to repaint your office without a professional painting company's help, you may want to reconsider. Although you can repaint the office yourself, it's probably better to have a commercial painting service do it for you. There are some very important things you must do before you apply a new coat of paint to your office's walls, including priming. If you don't prime the walls properly, your paint job can end up in disaster.

Why Is Priming So Important?

Although it might seem easier and cheaper to just add a few coats of paint to your office, it may not be the best thing for you. One of the most important steps in painting is priming. When you prime your walls, you remove debris, layers of old paint, and anything else that can make them appear bumpy and unattractive. These imperfections may eventually show through the new coats of paint as they dry.

Priming also removes moisture from the walls' surfaces. Moisture can cause significant problems for your home if it's allowed to remain in your walls, including wood rot. Because these issues hide beneath the paint on your walls, you may not notice them until it's too late.

Now that you know why it's important to prime the walls in your office, you can take steps to do so.

What Can You Do Now?

The first step to repainting your office properly is to schedule an appointment with a commercial painting company. The company can help you choose the right paint colors for your office's decor and style. If you prefer to keep your original colors, a contractor will simply update the paint in those colors.

After you select the color of your paint, a commercial painter will prime and clean your walls. If your walls are in disrepair, a contractor may go ahead and fix them. The repairs may including placing caulking on the surfaces of the walls and along the baseboards. Once they complete the repairs, a contractor will apply several coats of primer to your office's walls.

After the primer dries, a commercial painter will begin painting your office. This stage may take several hours or days to complete, depending on the curing and drying times of the paint you selected for your office. Each coat of paint needs to dry and cure thoroughly before you apply a new coat over it. If you have any concerns about this stage, speak to a contractor right away.

If you're ready to paint your office, contact a commercial painting contractor today.