How To Create Perfect Paint Lines On Drywall

Painting the inside of your home is one of the most cost effective and manageable do-it-yourself projects. You don't need any special training or expensive tools to paint interior drywall. That being said, if you want your paint job to look truly professional and clean, you need to make a little extra effort. This article explains how to create the straightest lines when painting edges. If your edges are clean and straight, your entire paint job will look more professional.

Using Painter's Tape

First, make sure you invest in painter's tape. Don't just use normal masking tape. Designated painters tape will stick to the surface without peeling away the existing finish. That being said, there is still no tape that works perfectly. In most cases, the texture on the drywall will create little gaps and air bubbles along the tape line. When you try to paint over the tape, the paint will seep underneath. When applying the tape, it is best to follow the edge. So, if you are taping off a corner or piece of molding, follow the line instead of trying to make it perfectly straight and level. If your baseboard, for instance, is not perfectly straight, you don't want to apply a straight tape line. A straight tape line will make the baseboard look more uneven.

Using Spackling Paste

The best way to get around crooked lines is to reinforce the tape line with spackling paste. If you use lightweight spackling paste, you can just spread it onto the tape line with your finger. Wear latex gloves to protect your fingers. The key is to spread the spackle as thinly as possible. Basically, wipe it onto the wall and then wipe it away. You don't want to alter the actual texture of the drywall surface. But, if you spread it over the tape line, it will block the paint from seeping underneath.

You can basically paint over the tape lines as soon as you are done applying the spackle paste. Lightweight spackle dries very quickly, but it actually does not really matter if you wait for it to dry.

This simple trick might add a few hours onto your project. However, you will definitely be more pleased with the end result if you take this extra step. Creating straight lines is definitely the hardest part of the job, but this technique will make your entire paint job look more professional. For assistance, talk to a professional like Meyer & Meyer.